Moving mountains

It must be true what they say about practice making one perfect.

I started at my current position ~14 months ago, and I hit the ground more or less running, even when the technology, and the product were totally new to me. My colleagues were happy with my performance right from the start (I believe). I told that I will take some time to really get up to speed. And I did too, in a few weeks.

But when I look at the past few weeks, I can’t believe my productivity. I have internalized the whole technological scene in the firm and am able to (and did) come up with solutions to quite tricky problems. I believe, I’ve been quite productive and efficient always – right from my Microsoft days itself. But over the years, the productivity has improved by leaps and bounds.

I am not trying to blow my trumpet here. But simply sharing my happiness. I am no motivational speaker, but at times I tell the team (usually after the daily) that let’s get started and move mountains. They’ve accepted my “let’s move mountains” slogan wholeheartedly too.

Lately, it does feel like we are really moving mountains. And I’m feeling good about it :)

Signing off,

PS: … Or, is this simply Dunning-Kruger effect? :)