Revelation! (and apologies)

Disclaimer: Late night post, expect minor (or even major) errors.

I wasn’t at work the last two days and today when I got there, I saw that they had changed the seating arrangements. Everything was changed that, the place I used to sit wasn’t an option anymore — total change => big disaster.

Then, anyway, not all seats were spoken for. So, I went ahead, sat on each chair, looked/checked where the light comes from, whether it would reflect on the monitor, would I have glare in my eyes, etc. etc. and finally chose one.

Someone asked why I chose that and I said that it was the “least worst”.

So far, I hadn’t realised it — that others were kind of curious about how I am handling this.

Time went on, we went out to get lunch and as we were returning, I was about to tell that once back in office, I want one specific spot to sit while having lunch.

I didn’t say it out loud, because I had a revelation. I cried – “Oh my God, I am Sheldon”.

Then XS said – “oh you’re realising it only now?”. Then he said that they had already spoken about it yesterday — how I would act on seeing the new arrangement.

Seriously. I had been so finicky about my seat but from the _VERY_ beginning. (today, I even lectured about a study I recently read about how staring at the monitors keeps you awake at night!.. Shame on me!)

I just rewound it in mind — complaining about the change, trying out each chair, evaluating the options, lecturing about the reason, and even saying “least worst”. I even told XX to sit somewhere else because what I chose was actually where he sat yesterday. (He was absolutely fine with it though)


Anyway, then I wore my Big bang theory T-shirt to the salsa classes. And the very first person with whom I danced – she just looked at it and said, “perfect fit for your character”. Come on! She doesn’t even know me that well (except that I  correct the teachers at times).

What to do! I just said, “I hope it was a complement, and thanks for that”.

I NEVER realised that I could be so difficult at times. My apologies to the world.

Signing off,

PS: The comment to my last post seems so perfectly apt.. or so aptly perfect now!

Pubquiz debacles

Disclaimer: Late night + tipsy. Don’t expect perfect grammar/spelling.

Whatever others think, I consider myself to be a rather (medium) smart, and reasonably knowledgeable person. Most of the time, when I am around people, I am able to contribute something (worthy) to the conversation.. Or at least able to follow it rather well.

But then, on Thursdays, I go to the PubQuiz at the Irish pub. And that is when I feel stupid, idiotic and ignorant. It is not necessarily a bad feeling.. sometimes it is even good to realise that I I know sooooooo little. But I wouldn’t want to go there with any of my friends who think I am smart… and let them think less of me.  :P

Vanity, you say? Perhaps… perhaps it is. :)

Anyway, what put me to shame tonight was not that. Whenever I am with D, we talk about a bit of math/physics/etc. He asked me about how the greek (ancient) figured out the value of square root of 2. Then he showed me their way, and I found a flaw in explanation, then we discussed about it, about limits, etc. etc. A bit about the series, a bit about numbers, a bit about Pi, and to the decision that we are going to compete on memorising the digits of Pi after the decimal point, etc. etc.

I asked him a Martin Gardner problem, guided him to the solution, discussed it a bit, had fun, etc. etc. Asked him to read data genetics blog.

But then, after we left the pub, he asked me about the specific heat capacity of water and I said 4.3.. I said 4.3! How on earth did I not say 4.2!!
I KNOW it is 4.2, I know ‘c’alorie. I know the units, I know it. But I said 4.3 instead of 4.2. That … that is what makes me ashamed.
I am going to use the excuse that I was (am) tipsy… (and not a physicist.. which he is)

That’s all for now,
Good night world,

Signing off,