Back, I am… almost.

I envy them. I want to do so much, and I envy them all who possess the determination to get things done.

Everyone has down times in life. I guess, I had one during the past 2-3 months. I cannot think of anything substantial (or even little stuff) I’ve done in the past 60-70 days. My work was fine, everything good. I lived a normal life, met friends, made friends, restarted with swimming, and the likes. Finished two 1000 page books, which were rather informative. But nothing more than that. (did not even finish the knitting the scarves!)

I do not feel that my life was enriched.

What is that I want to do? —  I want to put my superpower to use.

What is my superpower? Do I have any?

I think yes, I can learn, process, retain, and dispense information. I can even look at the larger picture and find the pattern and present it as a thesis. I have ideas. Sometimes I have fantastic ideas. I live up there in the brain (as Ken Robinson says).

Well it’s not much, you say?

Then you have not seen the right ideas nor read the right articles/books nor visited right corners of internet. There are people out there who will render you speechless – with small simple stuff, and great minds.

But then, what are my weaknesses? (I know I have).

It is a kind of laziness, a kind of lethargy. I am not really lazy/lethargic, I am even extremely energetic. But I don’t always finish stuff. I have the mind set of a theoretician (a very good arm chair philosopher).. and once I convince myself that something is doable, then I am satisfied. Doing it proper is for lesser people.. isn’t it?

The last two months were the worst. I wasted a lot of valuable time. Now, I need to be back. Back to my personal projects. Back to ticking off the items on my white board. Back to FINISHING stuff.

Boys and girls, that’s all. And you all have a fun weekend.

Signing off,

PS1: Two days ago, my RSS aggregator had 700+ unread items. Today, it is about 400. Yaay!
PS2: “thottu thottu thottu nokkaamo” from Diamond Necklace is my absolute favourite of the week! I love it.
PS3: Yesterday was a day of compliments (to be called “romantic humorous thinker” is good. Isn’t it? :P )

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