Fun evening..

If you have a conversation in a random group where you get to discuss QI (Stephen Fry), Physics, Periodic Table, Bill Bryson, Horizon (+Mosley), and a bit of evolution, then I think the group is pretty good.

So, this evening, I was in such a group and I was on fire.

It has been a long time since I have done some major arguing with anyone. Today wasn’t much, but I had to kind of fix some general ignorance here and there.

When someone started with the alkali metals (a real chemist — by the way, I love him by now), I was as fast as him to go all the way till Francium. And to add more to it, I just had to tell them about Cs-133 and atomic clock. Pure show off! :P (Angeber!)

  • The british bloke was really cool … he even knew who was Michael Mosley.
  • The german dude was pretty cool too, a math-lover.
  • The old german teacher was a bit of a show off, but then so am I :P

Such was the story of Mainz-Wiesbaden English Club :)

Good night,


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