Mondays are fun. Or are they?

The new job (Not so new anymore… it’s been ~4+ months) is fun. The weirdest thing is that, every Monday comes with a really hard new problem.
(That is something I like about it… although the time-restrictions/quick-deadlines irritate me.)

So do we have one today too. Let me get back to it.

I wish you all a great week. :)

Signing off,

4 thoughts on “Mondays are fun. Or are they?

  1. Thanks :)

    (System Architect @ a start-up in Mainz, Germany. Quite good it is here)

    How are you these days?
    (I don’t even time to get to read any blogs)

    • That is awesome! :)

      There is no point reading it as well. It has been ages since I updated my blog.
      I am doing good. Just submitted my thesis. I will be joining a company here soon. :)

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