Tamil the language, and the people


Ever since my time at IIT Madras, I have loved Tamil — both the language, and the people.

Perhaps I’ve written down elsewhere that Tamil girls have a monopoly over the real “vekkam” (shyness). I think, I have met quite a good number of girls in my life, but that art/characteristic/speciality of mesmerising shyness — that exists only with Tamil girls. It is so endearing and SO lovely.

There is another (not necessarily good) characteristic which Tamil girls possess as a group — the traditional gender role. How much ever “advanced” (or emancipated) the girl be, she cannot get it out of her mind set.

I might have written down about the beauty of the language too. A few weeks ago, I jotted down the lyrics and my analysis, for a bunch of Tamil songs (in FB). Yes, the songs (lyrics) are just beyond awesomeness and some of them could even stop your heart.

It is true that every language has its own superpowers. But Tamil is the best (of the ones I know) when it comes to feelings. I am not a linguist, but I always feel that Tamil has more “feeling” to it. (Note: Tamil people are very emotinoal and that helps to get to violence/fights very easily).

Anyway, off late, I’ve lost my link to Tamil world and it doesn’t feel good. I have always had at least someone from TamilNadu, in my active social circle. I don’t even watch a lot of Tamil movies either. :(

This evening, I watched “Diamond Necklace” (a malayalam movie) and again, my heart went to the Tamil girl in the movie. It is perhaps my illusion, but the knowledge that she speaks Tamil makes her already a tad more attractive!

Ah, good night to the world. Signing off,



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